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Below are some of the most common Alternator failures

  • slip rings are soiled, burned or oiled
  • drive belt slipping
  • excitation circuit is broken or incomplete
  • bearings are worn-out or damaged
  • pulley of the alternator is loosened or pulley clutch has failed
  • internal windings burn out
  • bracket seat is worn-out, broken or cracked
  • periodical brushes jamming, or stuck due to ingress or overheat

Signs of alternator failures

  • battery is discharged or boils away;
  • excessive noise when the unit starts working;
  • warning lights or message indicating low charge battery
  • dim headlights;
  • squealing belt noise
  • alternator charging when engine revs are increased

Starter Motor failures

  • worn-out brushes;
  • overheated armature;
  • ingress of water or dust;
  • worn-out rim teeth of the flywheel or the pinion;
  • poor connections;
  • broken nose cone;
  • burned wires from body to solenoid;
  • worn-out bearings or bushes.

Signs of starter failures

  • unusual sounds when cranking;
  • lack of starter response;
  • the starter continues to run after the engine start;
  • Starter Motor turns but the engine does not start.

Starter Motor failure causes

  • Ignition switch fault;
  • battery terminals oxidation;
  • bad earth or main feed;
  • poor contact between one and/or several brushes;
  • connectors of wires are badly tightened;
  • clutch or dual mass flywheel dust contamination;
  • damaged flywheel teeth;
  • poor battery.